I’m back from my lovely vacation in Ellijay, GA.  I’ll tell you all about my vaca, put pics up and all that jazz. But for now…

I want to apologize to anyone who has tried to call me this week.  My phone got lost at a rest stop on the way up to Ellijay early on the 23rd (like 2 am).  Sooo…its been weird not having my phone. I do need your help though…I need your phone numbers.  You can email me here on my xanga…thank you much for your help.  I get my new phone on Wednesday, so I’ll let you know when my service will continue.

Anyhoo…HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!!!  Can’t believe it’ll be 2007 tonight…wow.  I’ll be chillin with the fam and then I get to work tomorrow!    Way to ring in the New Year.  If anyone wants to come visit me at the studio, I need walk-in sittings.   We’ll be open 12 to 4.

Happy 2007…Peace and Joy to you!!

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    We were up in that part of Georgia in Sept. for the ARC officer’s councils.  I never knew it existed and there isn’t much to do but it was pretty.  Hope you got lots of good pictures.


  2. JeanMichele says:

    Ok, you have encouraged me to give Xanga a try – here’s my first shot at a page (no guarantees!)


  3. JeanMichele says:

    Happy New Year!  Wishing you loads of blessings and buckets of fun!
    Mean Jean


  4. flocksden says:

    Happy New Year!


  5. boo on working holidays…I’ll be at the ol’ grindstone too. yeah for spending holidays with family I need to lose my phone…it is starting to flake out on me, and losing it would get me a new one ~M


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