* i’m just tired all the time…i’ve even been exercising!

* i’m feelin’ Christmas…but not really.  it stinks majorly!  But I do have to say the Christmas Choral Celebration was so wonderful!

* I need to get out of retail…I honestly don’t know how people do the Christmas craze and stay sane. I give props to all you retail managers!!!

* i still absolutely love singing!

* i really do not like working on weekends cause the days i do have off, noone else does.

* phone tag really is not a fun game…some day i’ll get to talk to leebert and jodi

* I miss living with miss hedgren…she a fabulous roomie! (i miss the lemon st. house too)

* i’m blessed with caring and understanding parents

* i’m completely excited that i’ll have paid off my car in the next few weeks, but still have sooo very long to pay off school loans

* I’m soooo very small and GOD IS SOOOO VERY BIG!!!!

randomness today, i know…but i thought i’d type it all out.

Peace and Love and Christmas Joy to us all…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. captjenn says:

    I just love ya!


  2. yeah, I’m with ya on the working weekends & friends have weekends off. major bummer! ~M


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