Wedding Planning Should be an Olympic Sport

Soooo its a crazy fun time.

Busy busy with holiday portraits at work….crazy busy for my best friend’s wedding this weekend.

eli and kim prom-1
(Good ol’ prom ’98 pic of Eli and I )

Eli will be marrying his woman of 5 years, Anna.   She is such an awesome person and I’m proud to call her friend.  I’ve been able to gladly take part in the wedding preparations the last few months, but of course the last few weeks seem to have been crazy with the last minute things here and there to catch up on.  We were working on the programs all weekend and now they’re complete.  Yippee!  I just have to finish up my little speech for the rehearsal dinner and the rest of my gift to the couple…oh yea and wash clothes, pack for the Thursday to Sunday Wedding extravaganza, sleep at some point during all this and remember every part of my bridesmaid outfit! Good fun…good fun.

It really really will be.  I’m also kinda excited cause I’m getting out of the busiest weekend of the year at work.  lol  Thanks Anna and Eli.

On top of all this I’m kinda feel like crap…but I’m going to hopefully sleep it off before Thursday.  Hope you have a lovely week.  Don’t know when I’ll write again, but I’ll have pics from the weekend for sure. 

Love and Peace to you all…

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    Hey – I just got the message you left for me over a week ago.  How’s that for paying attention to details!!  This week is odd because we’re on vacation but at home and doing projects and going into the office on Thurs for a meeting.  If you still want to call try me at 901-757-2804 in the afternoons except Fri because we’re going to the new Bond movie – big outing , youknow.


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