Saddam Sentenced to be Hanged

Wow…just never imagined the day when Saddam would actually pay for his crimes.  Do we pray for this hanging to happen?  I know I do most certainly pray for God’s will be done, and if God’s will is for his hanging to occur…so be it.

Its been a good weekend.  My parents and I went to my brother’s jazz band fundraiser concert Friday night.  Way windy and chilly outside under the stars, but still a fun concert. Worked Saturday afternoon and evening and then went out with Heather and some new friends…good times – blood sausages, salsa music, homecoming celebration and all.

Today is an absolute beautiful day…Heather and I ate lunch out in her back yard…just beautiful.  Feel like crap, but the fun weekend and the cool breeeze make up for it.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend also.

Peace and love to you…

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  1. ‘hope you’ll be feeling better very soon…  Have a great week! ~M 
    ps (‘wish I could eat lunch outside without freezing my tail off!!!)


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