Strongest Photographer in da World!

I’ve broken thru a wall…

whatever happened to me a few weeks ago, my insecurities and lack of skills in studio photographer/sales being place in front of me and tested, must have done something to my psyche.

I seriously haven’t realized until today, but I have broken thru a wall that blocked me from truly being able to create great portraits and good sales. 

God confirmed me today in this “breakthrough”…Thank You!!

Its been a crazy week for loved ones…I ask for each of your prayers.  God knows and that’s what matters. 

Nothing much else to tell…just a lot of stuff going in in lives around me and its hard to not be able to tangibly help. I’ll just continue to pray for God’s leading, healing and strength for others…and be grateful that we all have Someone who has control over all this and loves each one of us unconditionally.

God Bless and have a lovely Saturday evening.


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  1. hudsondmc says:

    The photo on my blog isn’t TN šŸ˜¦ but taken in Leesburg, VA 6 years ago.  I was lucky to get some great pictures of the fall season there with my trusty 35mm.  Just scanned them in to use for mediaShout šŸ™‚  Love looking at them.


  2. Don’t ya just love breakthroughs!  Glad you shared the good news ~M


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