I need Corps Cadet leaders for this Sunday…it wasn’t short notice but now it is cause those that may have been able to can’t help this week.  I’m kinda in a bind (and this is nothing against those who told me they can’t make it…thank you for getting back to me).  Are there any others who may be willing to take a dive into our Corps Cadet lessons this Sunday at Tampa?  The lessons are a Jesus’ ministries – feeding of 5000+, healings and the Prodigal Son.  I would do it on my own, but I’ll be out of town…bad timing, right?

So this is just a request I have…if you could even just pray for everything to come together that would be fabulous!!! 


Tuesday off to a good start.  I was supposed to be working but they switched my day to Thursday…so I’m chillin, editing some photos, going to work out at the Y with Jodi, and trying to workout this CC dilemna.

Hope your Tuesday is joyous and God filled…

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