i’m thoroughly excited…i’m getting Photoshop CS2!!!!  I finally get to play to the extreme with my photos!!!

I’m also in the process of purchasing my business cards…they’re at the shop and preparing to be printed. YIP YIP.  My next step is to register as a small business with the state! 


Its been a lovely day…cool outside…work went quickly and efficiently. 

I saw the most beautiful act of kindness from a 3 year old girl named Christina. She was just finished with her pictures and hanging out in the lobby with Daddy.  I started playing catch with her when she heard a little boy crying in the other camera room.  She automatically went in to make him feel better…she picked up a little toy train , which we use for a prop, and handed it to him.  She continued to go in and check on him as all us “adults” tried everything we could to get the boy to calm down.  I found out a little later from the boy’s father that Christina was the one that sat and played with him until he stopped crying.  They were able to get wonderful pictures of him after that.


Oh the innocence of a child…with a kiss on the cheek and a hug she said good bye to me before I left.

Thank you God!!!

hope your Saturday is peaceful and God-filled….

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  1. Normally I would have said no problem but I’m going to Sarasota to see my mom for the weekend.  Sorry


  2. It was nice to talk to you today. Have fun on pet day.


  3. sweet story Have a nice week! ~M


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