Yea so yesterday wasn’t the best day work-wise…insecurities kinda laid out bare…and a decision to make. 

I made it…I met with my manager and regional manager and worked out a plan to help me get better in some of the areas of my job. 

God prepared me for these past two days…how crazy and mysterious He is.  A part of Monday night’s Bible study focused on insecurities and how they are covered by our security in Christ.  Praise God…and thank you for making me face some of my insecuritues the past few days. (hard to say though)

I’m actually getting to go to Songsters tonight…crazy.  Then Project Runway!!  And time with Heather..yip yip.

Hope the rest of your day is lovely!

Peace and love…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I got them last week. They turned out pretty good. I will bring one to church on Sunday and let you see it. I was happy ith them.


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