Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their
shortcomings, beyond their failures.

             – Joe Campbell

I’m still trying to get past my shortcomings…
Lord, help me to jump over and pounce on those things that get in the way of my passion…my laziness, my low self esteem, my finances…

I shall overcome, I will move forward! Thank You Father.


I have had a great day so far…I gots to meet up with Jeremy and Gabe for lunch and they gave me some nice gifts for my Bday – GRACIAS AND THANK YOU MUCHO!!!!! After lunch I went back to DHQ with them and got to see a lot of friends I haven’t seen in a while. It was really nice!

Tonight is the first night of our Church Revival…starts at 7 if anyone wants to go. We have the prayer room open all three nights…I’ll be there.  Love to have you join us. 

God breath on us…guide us in our prayers…heal, love and strengthen your children…listen to our hearts.

Peace and love…


I just finished watching the interview with Steve Irwin’s wife (emotional and touching interview)…came back to my xanga page and reread the quote above.  Man how fitting that is for Steve Irwin’s life,  If the only thing we learn from his life is passion for the things he loved, let it be so….wow!

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