So, yes now I’m 27 years old…as of 8:18 am September 25th.

Thank you to all who called, emailed and wrote a little message on my blogs!!!  It means a lot.

It really is an odd realization.  When you turn 26, you’re still nearby 25 – your mid 20’s.  27 doesn’t feel like that at all.Now i’m in the mid to late 20’s…stretching to 30.  lol….its no biggy…just the way my brain works.

anyhoo…anything else i was writing seems kinda blah so i’m just gonna leave this at a THANK YOU to all who made my bday special yesterday.

Also if you want to check out my new photography website (still rough but growing), check out
Let me know what you think! (All the pictures you’ve most likely seen before, they are just samples of what I can do)

peace to you…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. hudsondmc says:

    did you ever find the video from U2 and Green Day?  Rhapsody is suppose to have it, not sure where else to find. 


  2. Anonymous says:

    happy birthday!


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