i feel like crap…i’m not at work even though i should be…i’m trying to send the corps cadet lessons to kristen and jason over the internet…a task in itself, but it will be great once i’ve figured out how to do it. 

I’m preparing to buy my first official Domain Name…ooooo aaaaaaahhhh, right?  well, i’m looking around at the different deals and am going to make a choice within the next few days (any ideas from you guys out there?)…i will have an official site, email address and soon business cards (after my paycheck this week)!

anyhoo…i’m finishing up sending the lessons and then I’m going to lay down a while…then prepare my lesson. We are also preparing a prayer room that Corps Cadets are in charge of for this coming week’s Tampa Corps Revival.  We will be “manning” the Prayer Room during each of the Revival meetings (Wednesday thru Friday nights starting at 7:00 as far as I know).

Because we all know how difficult it is to get around as a teenager with no car, Luke and I are hoping for some of our young adults to come out and pray in the Prayer Room during the revival.  It will be a possible two-hour time slot out of your week.  The CCadets are decorating the room so it will be comfortable and very interactive.

If you want a little motivation in your spiritual life, come on out to pray Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night (September 27th thru 29th) starting at 7:00 P.M.

I think God planned this next week for my job schedule to be pretty light so I can be a part of this…thank You.

So that’s my little advertisement…I’ll be floating around telling more people about this tomorrow.  Hope your Saturday is more eventful than mine

Peace, love and health to you this day….

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  1. Well thank you Miss.


  2. hope you’re feeling better!  Have a good Sunday ~M


  3. I can help Friday night but I have class the other nights.


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