Can anyone stop this awesomeness of 80’s kid culture??? oh yea baby…you know you watched it just like i did!

I have three goals for my business that I want to accomplish in the next month.
Here is the list:

1) Business Cards – so I can start physically advertising my photography services

2) A Web Site to showcase the photos from each shoot, with password access to a person’s particular shoot. 
I have been searching for alegit yet still inexpensive host…I think I found one last night.  Praying so anyway.

3) Pricing – I am in the process of figuring out what I am going to charge for my services. 
Its hard because I’m am a beginner in the “professional” realm and so cannot charge too much.  But I also need income. Working, basically, part-time at JcP is not cutting it.

Those are my priorities right now, along with continuing to learn more and more about photography to better my skills. Pray for my continued motivation and faith that God has brought me to this point to bring my passion to more people!!

Some Army stuff…

Cool website for music lovers:
You can actually download songs of fellow Salvationists from all over the country, and from around the world. Its just started, but there is already some great stuff…including praise and worship, rap rock and more.  Pretty cool cause you listen to the entire song!

Corps Cadets start again this Sunday for us in Tampa.

I’ve been concerned about if I can lead but I’ve felt the need to continue as I can.  So we shall see how Sunday goes.  I’m recruiting some new leaders to interact with the teens and teach from their faith experience.  Anyone interested that I may not have approached yet?  Please email me or call me and let me know.  The great thing about the way we do Corps Cadets (attributed to the amazing Lorelie for the idea and enccouragement last year) is that you teach every couple of months and are invited to come and eat lunch with us anytime we have lessons.  Its very laid back, but you still get to have that connection with the teens.  Let me know if there’s anyone out there that may want to teach…it’ll be a blessing! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Go to for business cards. You can get free ones (you pay shipping 5 bux or so). I am ordering some for my new job venture and I have several friends that have used them. I’ll send you some info on it. You can also pay a little bit for the cards to get some more fancy schmancy options on them. Plus magnets, address labels, note pads, etc.


  2. I’ll plan on sticking around Sunday for lunch to see how things go. Then just let me know what you need me to do.  See you Sunday


  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m lovign the retro pictures of you, I think if I try real hard I might be able to find some of you around Junior High….


  4. If you need help with CC let me know. I will help.


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