title up?

have you had those days when the simple, automatic things in life seem difficult?

the past three days have been busy days at work.  I’ve been working alone at the west shore and citrus park locations. its been hard work but fun.  i’ve had some great sittings with the children i’ve taken portraits of, and that makes the day go by much quicker.

the thing that sucks, because i was running around here and there trying to do everything that needed done…you lose that ability to do the innate things…like for instance, i was driving home from work last night.  I chose a cd that i wanted to listen to and in that moment of preparing to put the cd in the player, i completely blanked on how to put the cd in: title side up or down?

sad sad and sad again, right? oi

its good i had a day off today…hope you’re busy days are not making you lose your mind. just  keep some moments just for you and God…that’ll help tremendously!

Peace to you…

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