lol…i’ve been trying to write something all day…

something about my overwhelming day yesterday – basically it was my first day being by myself at work: 5 sittings, showing portraits and selling them in 4 hours. Good times …great learning experience

something about my family – we had a fun weekend cooking out, having a dance party, playing the question game lol

something about church – amazing once again…God spoke to me clearly and we were able to pray for those who need salvation who are on our hearts

Thank you God for everything right now. I just am so blessed…I need to keep pressing on, moving forward…going in the strength of the Lord.

Peace and love… 

Check out Josh Groban’s new song. 

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  1. Hello!  You have a great site   Hope you don’t mind if I subscribe!  (Besides, anyone who likes Josh Groban enough to post his new release has great taste in my book )  Cheers! ~M


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