looks can be decieving

so, i read thru the jars song again and it may have seemed i am a bit depressed.  i’m not…i think a few realizations have set in this weekend.

one, i feel like crap today so i missed out on going to church…i should have mustered up the strength but i’ve just been having these migraines that knock me out. i just really want to get used to this new schedule…God help me.

another thing is that i am coming to realize how much of my life – for the past 4 years – has revolved around my church.  two years as youth director in Clw, the past 2 years as the SAMS in Tampa…it was so easy to volunteer and be a part of the everyday stuff of church life.  now i am not and will not be because of my job and focus.  i’ve been continually praying about leading Corps Cadets.  i’ve been doing it for a year and a half, and i think this season could really be good with quarterly activities and more teachers…but i’m saddened to realize i just don’t have the amount of time i need (and relished last season) to plan and create quality cc activities.  please pray that i make the right decision about this because i really just don’t know who can and will step up if i do step down.  i also have wanted to join Songsters because i do miss singing – i thought it’d work out but, if i work on wednesdays, we do not close until 7-7:30. geez…

i have also been kinda cut off from the people i was used to seeing on a regular basis. luckily heather and i have been here and there hanging out…i think i’m at a point where i’ll know my schedule and i want to see people.  i’m hoping for things to cool off in the next week and, definitely, after labor day weekend. of course, i’ll be at citrus park in jcpenney every day, except tuesday, till 7ish this week. Come say hello. 

i’m excited cause i get to do my first two test shoots tomorrow; Kara is bringing in Savanna and my manger book a regular customer’s 3 yr old twins.  we shall see how those go.   there’s just so much to learn and i’m not comfortable with the cash register at all…money stinks! you can also pray that i learn more quickly cause the holiday rush will be upon us come september….i just cannot believe september is next week…thus bringing tragic anniversaries in our country’s recent history and my crazy 27th bday.

So I vow to not live a dastardly day this week….and to be something beautiful by God’s grace… 

Rejoice in knowing that you belong to God and that He is
conforming you to the image of His Son. See every event of this
day as part of that process.  Yield to the Spirit’s prompting,
and take heart that God will accomplish His will.

      — John MacArthur

May God’s peace and motivation invade your week…

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  1. captjenn says:

    Western Civilization (SA History), Writing for Life, Drama, Army Programming and I have a ministry team with Sarah Nelson!  So fabulous………….but I miss you girls terribly.  I miss Tampa so, so much.  I still feel like I left something important behind (like a part of me), just don’t know what it is!


  2. You are my favorite Kim! It’s been too long….we must hang out friend.


  3. thaaaanks! for the comment!!it made me smile.:D


  4. Anonymous says:

    Kim:  Missed you this morning.  I’ll be praying for you.  I’m kind of in the same boat, having just restarted my career after a year off (being a student).  I’m just getting use to my schedule, and I am really hoping to find time to get together with you and the other young adults from the corps, as being able to get together with other Christians close to my age was an important aspect in my decision to come here.  I hope you have a great week, and I look forward to seeing you again.  Until then, take care and God bless.  ~Phil 


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