Ol Skool, What?!

As I was working on a little something with my old pictures, I found these that I know many of you will get a kick out of!!!  Please let me know if you see yourself or someone you know…

Sally Weekend at Asbury ’99…look at everyone!!! Crazy…

Boy’s Cabin from my first Conservatory on staff – Summer 1998

Girl’s Cabin ’98
(look at Jen and I so cool in our jean button up shirts and my pleated khakis)

Old old Conservatory crew…I have always loved this picture! What year did we have these awful shirts with the pink flamingos?
Help me out…’93?

Hope this cheers up someone’s day…God Bless.  I start work tomorrow!!

May God’s joy invade your day…

7 Comments Add yours

  1. slcchick78 says:

    Holy cow!! Do you know that we have been friends for almost 20 years?  I moved here in 1987. 


  2. Dang we we’re hotties
    I love my titanic shirt… o Leo..


  3. Dang we we’re hotties
    I love my titanic shirt… o Leo..


  4. what the crap. I’m in the ’98 camp one. it’s horrible. I look like an orphan (the one in the big harry potter classes and the black and red shorts). Good times.


  5. captjenn says:

    My personal fave is the girl on the far left!  I need to call that sister of mine!  How are you doing?


  6. Oh man…kim you were my counselor! That was such a long time ago!!!


  7. My sis is in that top pic in the back.  I think the Flamingo shirts were 93 but I’m not sure.  Good Luck at work


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