Vacation, packing, moving, the in-between ends…a new week begins!

Vacation was wonderful and peaceful.  Laid back but still did a lot of things.  It was so great to have that time with Jen, time for both of us to stop and regroup. So much fun to see Lee and Jeremy so much…God’s perfect timing.

Job situation is at a point where I have one, but I think another one may be better for me in the long run. I have to choose today and call the other that does not work out. Please pray for this decision because it really does kinda shape my day to day schedule for a while.

Moving went pretty smoothly – BIG THANKS TO THE FAM!!! – still trying to figure out how to condence a house to most of a family room and, mainly, my bedroom.  Good times, but it is working. Going back to the house today with Heather to clean, paint the top of my wall and get the rest of my stuff(mostly throw away stuff).  Then we have the walk thru with our landlord… It really is sad to see the house with nothing in it!!

The coolest thing that has happened is that my dad has made an investment for me in my future photography business…he purchased my first SLR, the Canon Rebel XT!! It is slight;y used so he got an awesome deal on it, but its still an investment and is very humbling for me.  People are popping up everywhere now ready to give me business, cheering me on, believing I have a talent for this crazy photog stuff (lol, sorry I HATE HATE HATE that “photog” is becoming street lingo for popperazzi but I had to use. ) I just say thank you and move forward to do the best I can with the bit o’ talent God gave me. All for His glory…seriously!

So thus starteth my new week…Peace to you!!

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    What a great dad.  You’ll love that camera no doubt but what you’ll do with it will something we’ll all enjoy.  Yes, yes, with the thoughts directed rightly it is all for his glory and so important to keep ahead of you as you walk a new path.


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