Asking for prayer again for Tasha and Allan Tanner…they received the results from Allan’s biopsy and its not looking good.  They have found out that the cancer has spread to his stomach and lymph nodes and chemo is to start Monday. Pray for the entire family as they carry this heavy load, and especially Allan, Tasha and Zane (their two-week old baby boy). I went into more detail on here so you could pray specifically.

God Bless…

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  1. captjenn says:

    Know that we are praying!


  2. hudsondmc says:

    Do you know a song by a woman singer, that in the chorus says something like ‘I forgot, you were made in the image of God”.  It’s a ‘christian’ song and I’m not really into it like I once was.  I’m trying to find out for a friend that remembers when I WAS into that music a lot more.  My first thought was to ask you and maybe some of your readers will know.  Great picture of you and Jen – love it!  Sorry to hear that about the Tanners.  I’ve been talking to Suzi about it too.


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