Hello All!

Its a beautiful day! Jen and I drove down here to Sarasota this morning and spent the afternoon chillin on Lido Beach.  It was not crowded at all and there was a lovely breeze.  Nice and peaceful….and the water is actually grren and blue here unlike Clearwater.


My weekend was spend packing, painting and hanging with Lola(Matt and Jess’s dog) in the evenings. I can’t believe Heathers moving out tomorrow and I move out Saturday….but no dwelling on that until I have to do it, right?

Tonight we’re going out with Lee and Jeremy…good times I can tell already!

I’ve heard fromn Lee that Alan is resting at home, has many people to help Tasha with him and the house.  Now they are just waiting to find out what the boipsy has to tell. So please continue to pray for the Tanners as they wait.

Peace for your day…

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