Wow what a day!  From high to low to sad to happy.  Please continue to pray for Tasha and Alan, and the entire Tanner family. God has his hand in their lives and will bring forth his purpose!

As a surprise the staff (Mjrs. Mikles, Kathy, Priscilla, Cheryl, Jessica and Heather) took me to the Milk and Honey Tea Room to have High Tea.    Yes, it was good times with everyone wearing feather boas and big, frilly hats.  Major Mikles had a pink hat on at first, but luckily was given a manly top hat later.  We had a wonderful time and I am blessed.

I must go forward, against the grain…seek out what God wants for my life – jobless as I am now – and move forward. 

I’m feelin’ good!

Peace and love to you this day…

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  1. Sorry Kim – it’s Kristy


  2. Hey Kim – thinking about you!


  3. hey I talked to Allen”s sister.  They think they got all of the cancer out!  Praise the Lord!  Let me know if you hear anything else, and I’ll do the same.



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