cleaning out the folders on my computer here kinda sucks…its making me have to look back at all my hopes, ideas and vision that were supposed to come to fruition these past two years…or so i thought.

i do understand what’s happening but it sucks tolook back and see it sitting there with nothing to really show for it other than a person who has grown, matured and is hopeful that God is still gonna take over Ybor and Satan will lose his reign!

i hate that i have to paint white over my pretty basil green wall in my bedroom…i hate that the lemon street house is almost a thing of the past…

but i am hopeful that God’s doing some really cool things (ALREADY) in my venture into photography!
One of my photos are going to be published cause I’m a finalist of a contest i entered…check it out and then put my first (kim) and last name in the blanks.

God God…how you work just blows my mind!!! 

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    Nothing is ever wasted if we’ve learned something, even if the learning is in what not to do.  It can be painful but remember….in all things give thanks, for this is the will of God.
    A line from Velvet Elvis – “Being a Christian is more about celebrating mystery than conquering it.”


  2. Just wanted to say hi! You have a beautiful site and seem to be a very beautiful person as well! God Bless!


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