does anyone’s eyebrows itch…ever? 

lol…seriously, for some reason I’ve noticed my eyebrows have itched lately.

anyhoo…today’s been good. worked in the craft room some more…almost done organizing and hiding the good stuff from straying hands . Went with Luke, Darnell, Anastasia and Chris to play putt putt at Malibu…and now am beginning to clean up my desk area and computer (plus finish my ever frustrating resume)

come on people, its so hard to brag on myself, which is basically what you do in a resume.  You make yourself look as good as possible to the employer…and I’m just having a hard time.  I’m writing mine in essay style since I don’t have a solid background in photography yet, I have to show what I have accomplished in photography thru my positions I have been in.  Its interesting to take a look back at what I’ve done….or not done.  But we’re thinking positive here now! Please pray that this gets done…it HAS TO GET DONE.

packing is another fantastic thing I’m endeavoring on.  I hate..hate the whole “throw this away or keep this” part that takes 3X as long as it should.  I’ve given so much clothing away this year, its insane….but good cause someone else gets them for free. My lovely roomie is gone galivanting with her boyfriend this weekend so I’m in packing heaven.  Is there a place??  hmmm…maybe Monica from Friends has a packing heaven. 


So…I’m feeling good. Yesterday was more overwhelming than bad…but its done and I’m better for it.  Tomorrow we go dolphin watching out in the Gulf…hopefully. If we can’t get on the boat, then we’ll be going to the FL Aquarium.

have a fabulous rest of your day…Peace!!

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