My very first journalistic publication…check the Summer Edition of YS.  I wrote an article about the Global Night Commute.

Today is a no kids zone…lo-ve-ly and peaceful. God is so trying to teach me patience this month…I don’t know how that’s workin out as of yet.  Yesterday was a tough tough one for me.

Today is consisting of resume finishing, craft room organizing and going to Ballyhoo for My brother and sister-in- law’s birthdays!  Good times…that will be happening a lot more often as of August 15th. lol

Sooo many changes so little time.  My last day here at the corps is August 4th and then a week of vacation and moving.  We shall see where God leads me this time around…

back to work…peace and love for your Thursday!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. captjenn says:

    Jacob loved your brother at camp!!! So cute!


  2. hudsondmc says:

    you owe me an update…don’t forget.  Give your family happy birthday wishes from me.


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