Hung out with Jen last night.  I took her to surprise miss Kara and Savanna ands then we went to Sonnys! Oh yea baby!  Its good to have her back for a while!!!

We went to Clearwater Beach with the kids today…yes it rained but not until we ewre there for at least an hour swimming.  The rain came down and the the people scattered.  We were soaked but we had fun anyway.  The kids complained of course, but life goes on and we came back to the corps and ate lunch.  Good times…I love the fact that I’m damp wet and have sand in placess I’ll never venture to!

PIRATES tonight and sleepin in tomorrow!  God Bless America!

oh yea, God totally just spoke thru one of the little girls…her and her sister were telling me that I was a nice, cute young lady…but theres more.   Faith also told me that there will be a nice young man who will find me and take care of me.   ohhh thank u God!

May God’s peace invade your weekend…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, we wanna join you for Pirates toinght. I lost all the numbers in my phone so can’t call anyone. Kristen is having trouble reaching anyone. Call one of us to let us know what’s up.


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