One thing I’m learning thru situations occurring today (Thank You God!):

                Nothing under God’s control is ever out of control.

                                                         — Charles Swindoll

It really has been a crazy day so far…and its only 1:30!  God’s working though and I’m interested to see the outcome of things.  Yesterday was awesome…Dave’s friend Lane came by the warehouse and we showed her the coffeehouse area.  She’s going to let her creative juices run wild and get back to me with some drawings and ideas.  Oh man, that’s exciting!!!!  Be praying for God to guide her ideas.

Moira and Jackie came by later on and we had a very informative meeting.  I honestly feel like we accomplished more in that meeting then we have in a long time.  They know what they’re doing when it comes to finding grants and who to talk to…so Please be praying God to guide them in their research!

Man, I can’t even express here how much I sense God is moving us along on a big ol’ wave ready to show us the horizon…preparing us for some big moves in this project.  I’m humbled by all of the gifted people God is surrounding me with and how much more He is showing me that I cannot CANNOT do this in my own strength!!!

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing me to his service.
                                                               1 Timothy 1:12

So…along the line of the coffeehouse, I trying to finish reading the Coffeehouse Gospel by Matthew Paul Turner…Just in the preface, the description he gives for the atmosphere of a coffeehouse hits so home for me that when I read it again waiting for my adjustment, I wanted to jump around and be like “I know I know! I get it!”  So, here it is….enjoy and let me know what you think about a place like this…

“My coffeehouse’s lighting was warm and contemporary, and its design was industrial yet welcoming. One couldn’t help but want to stay and be involve in the experience…
I experienced firsthand how the culture and environment of a coffeehouse makes it very easy to build relationships, talk about deep topics and completely disagree, yet remain the closest of friends. Although the topics of discussion included various views on music, politics, faith, movies, and current events – and there were plenty of disagreements – the coffeehouse was always a place that welcomed differences in opinions. Everyone felt appreciated, or at least, listened to…
A magical community experience that attracts young, old, wealthy, poor, smart, dumb, the incredibly hip, and complete losers to come and partake in the rich, warm environment of a coffeehouse.
Such an environment is a good place for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The message of Jesus is freeing, unassuming, and provocative. It makes thinkers out of the most shallow of people. The good news needs room to move and an atmosphere that provokes thought, meditation, and open discussion.”

Awesome…awesome…I can dream.  God dreams even bigger than me.  We shall see.

See some of you tonight at Jesus walk rehearsal…have a great weekend.  Peace…

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  1. Hi!  I have just recently started attending ‘church’ at a cafe-style church.  ( )  I’m not sure actually if you’d want to reference that (yah- like in your free time!) because the website actually does not reflect how very cool this ‘church’ is.  But it is cafe style all the way, growing like the weeds in my backyard, and definately assisting me in drawing closer to God.  Big kudos to you and many blessings in your endeavour!


  2. We are supposed to be having Pizza


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