Okay, great things are happening in Tally, people! 
Both the Richmonds and the Stocks are pregnant!!!  I’m sooo flippin excited for you all!!!

I definitely will not be drinking any water from up there.

Funny I found this stuff out when I got to the office….because while I was waiting for my chiropractic adjustment, I met this really nice woman and we struck up a conversation about children. There were many in the office running around with their parents.  Its usually cute to see the kids, but this was pretty chaotic. We talked about how we are both single and are pretty okay with the whole notion of maybe not having kids. She went on to say at 32, she didn’t know if marriage was something she wanted to get into anytime soon because along with that comes kids. This is how she put it…”Because of my beliefs and my upbringing in church, Marriage come with kids.  That’s how it should be.”

My drive to work after that was time for me to think about that statement.  I’ve never really thought that you giving your hand in marriage meant you giving your hand over to dirty diapers and late nights of crying and feeding.  As I’ve written before on here “Marriage is an option.”  and so (in my view) “Kids are an option.” 

I don’t mean that AT ALL in a negative way against what she believes…and I completely understand the whole unplanned pregnancy aspect that can be a factor.  I want to find out what you all think about kids being a must or next step in marriage…or a choice that you have once you’re married.

More random thoughts later…

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  1. kellydawn525 says:

    i have long-standing friends who always said that they never wanted kids.  you can check out their blog at
    they started this blog primarily to post pictures of their new daughter…  and they are planning on at least three more.


  2. hudsondmc says:

    Ideally, children are alwasy a deliberate choice, even in marriage.  I have friends long married that chose no children and it’s bee the right choice for them.  Very personal, but definitely a choice. oh, and both people should get to make the choice…that’s where it can really get tough.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe she was just meaning marriage before kids…not kids before marriage.
    I dont think children are a must but i also dont think its a choice you only have one you are married either.


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