The ME Challenge

Two options:

  1. Google for a picture of what you wanted to be when you grew up and any explanation.
  2. Put a picture and/or even write about how you got into your current career.

Bonus: One thing you want to do before you hit the exit ramp of life.
*  Challenge from DoWhaChaDo89

I work for the Salvation Army and am currently working on opening a coffeehouse/concert venue warehouse.  I’m so excited to be working on my dream/my vision this early in my life.  And, something I want to do before I hit the exit ramp of life….

LOL…I want to be able to rock out on stage!  Maybe one day….

One Comment Add yours

  1. Isaiah40Z31 says:

    Hey thanks for the prayers, I really appreciate them but be praying for the guys at work instead of me cause they need it more.


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