Right at this moment I’m ticked.  I’m ticked cause the email I’ve been working on all day to send to all of the campus ministry leaders has decided to disappear.  I am praying over this email  so as to write the right thing for people to take notice and want to hear more.  I think too much when its of this much importance.  And so, I tried to get back to it, but I am left with the title and signature of my Lotus Note that I started with this morning.  Grrrrrrrr…

Not only that, I feel crappy and my phone has now died, it just said farewell, as I was about to call Kelly after too long of not talking to her.  I’ll try to call tomorrow night, hun!


Waiting for Gospel Arts to start…my mood needs a lift.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    suggestion RE: the email….type all of your important emails in WORD adn then cut and paste it to your email. that way you can save it as you work and i fyou lose it you can restore it or just hit “undo”Few things make me scream louder than losing an important email.Good luck.


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