AWESOME AWESOME NEWS, even amongst tragedy:

G8 leaders agree $50 billion aid boost

Praise God!

Picture pages Picture pages….
(memory moment: when i just wrote that, i had a memory of camp when Elaine Canning was my counselor at FMI, and Priscilla and I couldn’t sleep, so we decided to play picture page on the ceiling (since I had the top bunk).  While we were doing that, we saw Elaine and Philip “saying good night” by the road in front of our cabin!!  That was when the girls were still in the lake front cabins.  LOL…good times!)

Kira, my niece, warming up her cornet and waiting for the FMI concert

Emma, my other niece, in anticipation of the concert

Emma thoroughly enjoying the concert!

Alicia, Jen and Hill after the concert…So great to have Jen around!!!

Alicia getting fresh with me…I didn’t know, HONEST!

Princess Aunt Kim with her lovely nieces at 3rd of July Family BBQ.
(that picture took 10 minutes to take….OI!)

There you go…more pictures another day.  God Bless!

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    Cute Cute


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