Exerpt from Visioneering (page 116): (italics are mine)

      The New Testament casts a compelling vision for each of us who have trusted Christ as Savior.  It is clear from even a casual reading of the text that God has no problem whatsoever seeing and relating to us as we will be, not as we are.
      We are constantly referred to as saints. We are on our way to being conformed to the image of Christ. The apostle Paul goes so far as to say we are seated with Christ in heavenly places.  Reread portions of the NT with this in mind. You will be amazed at how often we are addressed in light of what we are in the process of becoming and what we will one day be.
      Check this out:

Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.   1 John 3:2

      No doubt Jesus shocked his audience when he announced, “You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:13-14). To which they probably responded, “We are? You’ve got to be kidding?” At that moment they were no more “salt” and “light” than Peter was a “rock”. But Jesus was comfortable speaking to their potential while overlooking their performance. He spoke to what they could be, what they should be, and for a handful, what they would become….

     Think about this for a moment. What would happen if you were to begin speaking to people’s potential rather than their performance? What if you made it a habit to dispense the same type of grace to others as has been poured out on you? What would happen if you intentionally laced your conversations with notions of what could be true of the people around you?

I love that!  I love that whole intentional part….that we think about what we say rather than flippantly (oh yea, BIG word) let words flow out of our mouths.  Encouraging words rather than words that tear down and insult.  That’s the Jesus thing to do!

God sees our potential as His reality. He sees it already in place – even as we question the very place we are.

Now when we say “Look at others through the eyes of Christ”, what does that say to you?  That just rocks my world!  There are so many times when we see the potential in others, but don’t even think to acknowledge the person we see the potential in.  Tell someone you think they are an amazing speaker or a great blogger.   Who knows…maybe there is a secret longing to be a pastor or writer inside that person.

 Again…God sees our potential as His reality.

Peace to you…

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  1. Isaiah40Z31 says:

    Such an awesome book! and a good interpretation, I think you have great Bloggin skills!


  2. hudsondmc says:

    I copied some of that and sent to Henry.  We’re having a staff meeting tomorrow and one of the issues we’ve been dealing with is the way people treat others.  That’s the whole point we’ve been trying to get across – pray for him in particular for that tomorrow.


  3. kellydawn525 says:

    this was good stuff.  and you’re a great blogger.


  4. holy crap kim. You’re freakin awesome…and FYI (clears throat–for your info..) I’m not just saying that b/c you said to–The past two days have been full of hellious events, and now stopping my busyness to read your blog-you’re right there w/ what i’ve been earnestly praying for. “God!!! Let me see people through YOUR eyes. Let me see them the way YOU see them.” how easy sometimes it can be to be critical:–taking your comment a different way. and you’re right-encouragement is what we all need. especially encouragement, love and compassion not just for everyone, but especially for our bros and sis’s in Christ. We’re supposed to hold each other up right? right. Man. Kim, i miss you lets chat soon please. thanks for allowing the Father to ultimately rule your life. I’ve been truly blessed by you. gosh. love you friend.


  5. Hey Baby
    It’s all good. Call me whenever you want! Pray for me today, I have a dr’s appointment. I don’t enjoy Dr’s. Not so much them as people, but their profession and what it entails for me….I’m going to stop talking now.


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