Today is the day!  I’m wearing mine…are you wearing yours?

Tomorrow is the Live 8 Concerts all around the world!  For those of you who will be home and have MTV, watch the concerts from Noon to 8 p.m.  A lot of great bands and interviews.  Highlights will be shown on VH1 on Sunday.

Have you signed the One Campaign Declaration….Look who has?  When will we ever see all these different people working for the same cause?


Today is a good day. 
I feel connected to a cause, to an outcry of prayers streaming around the world to God’s heart, to a symbol of hope like I’ve never been a part of before.  I wish I lived near Philadelphia so I could trek to the Live 8 concert.  Oh man what an experience that will be! 

But instead I will be at camp.  I’m excited to be going to Keystone…haven’t been since last summer. I’m most anxious to have my moment of quiet reflection at the cross.  Oh man, I can sense God beckoning me there even now.  Can’t wait!  I obviously am also quite excited cause of the people that are there…it’ll be fun! I hope everyone will have safe travels this weekend.

Peace for the day… 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how are you feeling??jT


  2. Kim, where do you get those bracelets?


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