I feel like I’m in a fog today.

I was down at the warehouse until a little bit ago and, even though I had an awesome time like usual, I felt kinda distant…struggling within myself as I listened to Bill, Dave and Beth talk to me about our vision, the excitement, the possibilities…and I still feel confused.  This next phase of the journey is going to be heavy with business planning, budgets, grant-writing (aka – begging)….yada yada yada.  Stuff that is way for out of my gifting.  I want to be a part of it, but I have no clue about how to do practically everything we are preparing to do.

Dave and I were able to go over to the warehouse part of the building…it was great cause he hadn’t seen it since the first time he came by.  We strolled around, got ideas and just talked about what’s happening. He encouraged me, and if he reads this, “thank you!”

I need to talk a lot of what I’m feeling through with Major Mikles.  I’m not really feeling connected (hence, in a fog) and I need to be.  Pray that that can happen tomorrow or early next week.

I know Satan’s enjoying all this…I know he’s all excited about my getting down and confused…but this is not going to defeat me!  I am trusting in God with all of this…there’s no crime in questioning…its just when you get caught in it and cannot come back from it.  So, get thee behind me Satan….you have no power over me!

Peace for this moment…


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  1. You’re so much stronger than you think. There’s this horrible Newfoundland talk show called, “Out of the Fog.” Where this woman with a thick irish accent interviews newfie ‘celebrities.’ (aka the guy who owns the mall or the people who sing the ford truck jingle) But anyway…If there’s anyone who can spiritually beat their way ‘Out of the Fog,’ it’s you. I feel as thought I can totally relate to how you’re feeling right now. I too am feeling very disconnected. It’s funny, cause I just wrote all about it on my Blog and then I read yours and it was a blessing to me to hear how you refuse to let Satan have victory over you.


  2. STOUCHTON says:

    You amaze me in your faith. God has given you this opportunity and He will see you through this.  What Satan is getting is nothing, you are a true believer!  Good for you and I will be praying.  Remember this is a place your nieces may hang out one day!!- Love ya- Suzie


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