As I was “sitting” in my bathroom last night, I read through my Bathroom Guestbook…yes, if you have not experienced signing in to use the toilet, you need to stop by my apartment!  Good times.  Anyhoo…I was reading through the entries, which stem back to the beginning of 2003, I realized how lucky I am to have so many different people walk in and out of my bathroom. 

LOL…I know that may seem wildy weird, but it just reminds me of those people who have stayed long in my life (Heather, Jen the few times she used my bathroom, Leebert, Jodi, Jay, Dave, Elin….) and those who have just “stopped by” for a visit on this journey (like Ben’s high school friend Amanda, Jonathan’s War College friend Nick, to good ol’ Allison). 

As events occur in life, and life presents itself so fragile and fleeting, people become more important and you want to hold on to them and the moments created with them.  I have definitely grown a deeper appreciation for family, with my core 7 that exists now that my brother has a family of his own. I think my family has taken a bit of presedence over some of my other friendships, which are important, but in different manners than my family and best friends.  I want to begin to look after those friendships…start to build more memories and deeper connections with those that I have neglected without even meaning to at all.  

“I used to think courage was telling strangers what to believe and how to behave. Now, I believe courage is living close enough so people see who I truly am and how I truly need Jesus.” 
This is a quote from a student learning about evangelism at DCLA. Its a very insightful thought and I want to have the courage to live amongst more people and show them Christ…somehow, in whatever way God intends.  That is what I am doing with the warehouse, trying to do in Ybor and what I intend to do amongst my friends.

That’s about it for now….but I was thinking about something earlier today that might end up on here later…Peace!


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  1. Hello my dear kim. Holy smokes, It’s been a while eh? i miss you a lot. and i think you hit some really good, strong points head on in this entry. How often do we neglect some of the best times we’ve had amongst the busyness we face daily. i love ya buddy. kathy’s a pretty cool girl:) i like her too. but hey seriously. have a great day. and know that i am indeed thinking about you.


  2. Bathroom book! That is SO Kim.
    I miss you! wE HAVN’T CHATTED…woah..sorry..hit the capslock by accident. Where was I…Oh yes! wE HAVN’T ….SHOOT!
    I so didn’t try that but I hit it by accident again!! Man
    (clears throat) We have’nt chatted in a while! Call me at work or at home or whatever
    YOU ARE SUPER COOL (that one was on purpose!)


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