We met with Tom this morning….Praise God!

In a round about and causious way, he said yes to us being in the warehouse!  Yippee! Yippee!

There some legal things we have to look into while Tom’s away on a 10 day mission trip, but once he gets back and Major runs through all that with him, I think we’ll be on our way to applying for grants and begging for money…lol. Beautiful!

My mind and body are worn out. It’s been an emotional week for a number of reasons, and I know I’ve just had a small portion of the burdens shared.  God bless and care for those who have the brunt end of these burdens.  I also thank God for break throughs….even those tiny ones that may seem insignificant to some, but our huge for others. 

God blessed me…little ol’ me….this morning.  I went to my regular chiropratic appt. and Dr. Dan told he had a gift for me.  He asked how I was (cause I know by feeling my neck and spine, he can tell I’m stressed) and I told its been a rough week. He then said, “well what I’m going to give ya will make you happy”. Well, its true…he gave me a card for a FREE 30 minute massage!  Oh my! Rock on!  I think I might just pay the rest of the money to get an hour! 

Those little things….God you’re so giving. 

Peace for now…

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