Warehouse time….

I’m getting ready to leave, but I’m anticipating Bill’s phone call to the Schillings.  Pray Pray Pray!  More later…

Last night was nice (even though nerves were at their end with my mom’s job and my dad’s concern for my mom and her job…lol), I brought them over to see the house.  They loved it! We then made are way over to Ybor thru downtown Tampa…its so crazy that I’ll actually be living so close to downtown and Hyde Park! I showed my parents the warehouse for the first time and then we walked over to the Laughing Cat Italian restaurant.  Very good food…highly recommend it! Then we just drove back to their house to watch the last half hour of Dancing with the Stars.  I love that show…its simply fun.  Nice night.

My doctor appt. went well yesterday afternoon.  He gave me some free samples of Celebrex to try for a while and told me to keep going to my chiropractor.  Thank you God for speaking.  All that’s done and I will continue seeing Dr. Dan.

I just want to add that I am a very blessed person…I can look around and think about so many friends that I have in my life.  Friends that have stuck around since we “wee ones”, those that struggled thru the teen years along side me, and those ones who have met me along the adult journey of my life.  Its awesome to see how God is revealing Himself and His characteristics through these people…and how they are affecting me and helping me to grow.

Peace has filled me now…hope the same for you.

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    awww, my little girl’s grown up 🙂


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