Oh what a relaxing and laidback vacation I had!  Sleep in till 10:30 every morning, beach from 12 to 3:30 everyday, night out on the town every night and back to the beach for a nice late night stroll.  What a life! Beach living is a whole other state of mind…I love it!  If I ever get a chance to do it, I’m there! I got up at 7 yesterday and walked the beach before everyone else got up…took some pictures, took in God’s amazing creation(as I had been all week) and then we were off at 9 am back to reality!

The crew I went with was perfect for the kinda week we wanted…laidback, fun and willing to do their own thing if they wanted. I (and everyone else…especially Beau lol) did very much miss Daynes…I hope everything’s okay…I tried to call.   But overall it was a peaceful weekend. I will put up pictures in the next few days!

In a minute, Heather and I are going to sign our lease agreement and turn in our first month’s rent for our new house!!!!  Its so cute and I get to paint my bedroom!!!!  Yes I am very excited about the prospects of decorating this cute house!  I’ll put up a picture of it too!

Okay…peace for now.  See a lot of you at VBS tonight…what a party!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kimberely, im so sorry i didnt call you back. I just got my phoned turned on yesterday. I was having issues with it and had to take it in to the cingular wireless store so they could exchange it. So it felt really bad to get all your voicemails after the weekend was over. I’m sorry i know im a jerk. Sounds like the weekend was a good one and i hope you guys some sun. Love ya


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