Just Do Something
New York Times Editorial, Jun 06 2005

Next month could be a historic turning point for the more than 300 million Africans who live on less than a dollar a day. Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain has been busily lining up international support for his proposal to attack poverty in Africa by ramping up foreign aid. Serious studies commissioned by the British government and the United Nations have identified promising new paths toward economic and human development. The leading nations of Europe have pledged long-term financial support. Leading entertainers like Madonna, Bono, Will Smith and Elton John have announced a set of simultaneous concerts to take place in London, Rome, Berlin and Philadelphia to mobilize grass-roots enthusiasm.
Only one crucial element is still missing – the wholehearted support of the United States government. Unless President Bush joins this effort in the five weeks remaining before the summit meeting to be held in July in Scotland, Africa’s hopes will be disappointed and America’s image in the eyes of a world that once looked to it for enlightened leadership will be further diminished.
Mr. Blair will be in Washington this week trying to persuade Mr. Bush to do the right thing.
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This is a simple yet profound way we can all make a difference!  Another huge way is for each one us to pray for President Bush as he makes these decisions…and also for All of the leaders that having decision making power within this situation.

Really felt the need to put this up here!!!!!!  God Bless…

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