Happy National Doughnut Day!  Well, I’m actually now reading that that was yesterday, even though Good Morning America talked about it being today….I’m confus-ed….do you think if we went to a Krispy Kreme store and asked for the free donut today rather than yesterday, they would still give it?  We definitely would need to add that we saw it on GMA for today!  Hmmm… I hope so cause I called people and told them it was today!  My bad, to all who go today because of my mistake!

I had a nice experience at the chiropractor today.  I got to talk about scripture that has been encouraging for me lately.  The great thing about this chiropratic office is that both doctors are Christians and are very up front about it.  Its so cool to be sitting in the waiting area listening to dc Talk and Shawn McDonald.  Everyone knows each other at the office and, God willin, maybe I’ll become a regular too.  That’ll be cool. 

I’ve been praying for everyone travelling to Family Conference this weekend…I’ve been especially praying for Kristen who is interpreting for all the main sessions (even the general’s message, which of course she’s been freakin’ about!)!  I’m so proud of her!!! Knowing that “Commissioning Weekend”, “Congress”, Family Conference (whatever we all call it) is this weekend, establishes that summer is officially here!  Wow!!!!!

More later…

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  1. JenMusic says:

    No family conference for you? I’ve always loved that picture of the doughnut girl. Any news on an apartment for the fall?
    Miss you!


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