Even though I’m exhausted and not feeling at my best, today has been an amazing day already!  I went over to the warehouse and met some new friends (I’d tell you who they are and who they’re related to, but it’d be too involved!).  We actually got to walk through the warehouse!!!!  Its been since February and it felt like I was seeing an old friend after a long time of being apart.  Honestly, each room brought back the reason why this whole thing began…God’s presence in a new fresh manner…a new sense of urgency in all this.  I’m not using urgency in an anxious, ungodly way…but a God urgency for His presence to be felt for, basically, Ybor.  Oh man…encouragement tenfold today! 

I gots to see the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!!!!!  It definitely didn’t stick with the book with most of the story line, but it was still a great friendship movie…I’m going to see it with Andrea and Elyse on Saturday again since I promised them i would…and they got me hooked on these books!  I’m just so blessed with the friends I have…and have had for soo many years…and seeing the movie and reading the books have just reminded me to cherish those friendships.  I’m figuring out a way…we shall see what I can do.

On my way to pick up and Annie and check out our living situation options.  Send out a little prayer!  Peace…

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