Its already Wednesday…nice!  In a week, I’ll be whisking off to Myrtle Beach to live on the beach for 3 1/2 days…that’ll be a much wanted relaxing weekend (hopefully…lol).

But for right now, I have a lot on my mind.  There have been a number of thoughts (mainly random) that I’ve wanted to write up on my xanga over the past 5 days, but haven’t been able to for various reasons.  There are definitely a few I want to write about in the next few days…before other thoughts take priority .  Okay here goes a few…

With summer comes rain. Rain has a negative connotation a lot of the time because of its way of disrupting daily life and the flow of things. People plan out a day and when the rain suddenly begins to pour, they curse the sky for ruining their plans. I have found myself a time or two getting mad because the sky has opened up and decided to rain on my parade…oh how our mindset can change dark and wetness into beauty and refreshment. That’s what rain is all about!  In our selfish minds, we think of disruption, but for God, He sees renewal in his creation. So, I am hoping for renewal in lives and relationships through out this summer. 
(what a thought process, wow!)

Second: I have been travelling down Memory Lane the past few days…its been nice.  Sometimes when you look back, you see things you don’t want to be reminded of, but all the pictures, cassette tapes(oh yes, TAPES), yearbooks, prom glasses, posters and Big bopper pull-outs made me laugh, roll my eyes or just give me some sense of the depth in my life (and no, I don’t mean that my Big Bopper posters of Jonathan Brandis and Leonardo DiCaprio give me depth…lol…oh yea baby!).  I even saw child photos of my mom and grandparents that I’ve never seen before…my mom was a cutie! Heather and Kelly always say I have the pictures that tell our history and, after seeing all my boxes of pictures the past few nights, i’m starting to really agree with them.  Hopefully one day I can give them all a proper home in photo albums.  Anyhoo…my Memorial Day was spent remembering all the people (small and big roles) that have shaped my life.  Its absolutely amazing the memories that pop up unexpectedly…amazing! 

So those are my thoughts for today…they’ll be some more tomorrow!


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  1. hudsondmc says:

    your post today goes so much with my thoughts on spiritual formation – that’s MY thought process – and I love to put those memories into that context because it reminds me that the beginnings of my spiritual formation were so positive and that many of you are playing a part in my ongoing formation.  Guess I’ll have to catch up on your future posts since I’m leaving for Atlanta tomorrow.  I think Myrtle Beach sounds a lot better but I’m looking forward to the people I’ll see in Atlanta.


  2. Holy Freakin Cow!!!!! I can’t even believe thats where hoooooosier is!!! GOSH. If i had known that i so would have been all over gettin in touch w/ her. Kim it was so amazing. Aw i miss you lets talk soon? you gonna be in aTL for that family congress thing this weekend? that’d be wicked to see you. holla at me soon friend:) love you and miss you a bunch1


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