Is there any such thing as actually finding that fairy tale love? 

           Everysooften I turn on warm 94.9 (lol, you can already tell what kind of music they play by the name…I love it!) and keep it on when there’s a good stretch of songs…that happened this morning.  Great love song after another! But does that kind of description of love and emotion really exist? The writers of these songs had to get inspiration from somewhere…was it from their imagination or was it real love they experienced?
           I have been on this pattern of taping Ellen and Oprah to watch when I get home and yesterday Tom Cruise was on Oprah.  I cannot tell you how blissful he was, jumping on her couch with fists in theair, saying “Kate” at least 30 times, laughing so carelessly like he does and then running back stage to bring her out to show the world how in love he is!  Is that real?  I mean, come on…Oprah talked about how once Katie Holmes was interviewed by Seventeen magazine and was asked, “What celebrity would you want to marry?” (deep, thought-provoking journalism, right?) Of course she said Tom Cruise and now here they are in love and most likely, going to get married!

Not feeling sorry for myself in this…just wondering what anybody’s thoughts are on this whole fairy tale love thing…can it be real…does it happen?  I know real life is always going to be in the picture, but can a couple’s love be SO strong that they can actually get through anything with it?

Let me know what you think…

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  1. For sure.  Atleast that’s what the bible says, and I believe it to be absolutely true, and it says right there in 1 Corin. that love NEVER fails, and that love concers ALL.  I relly on that alot in my marriage, even as young as it is, and without love, anita and i would definitly be done.  So I would have to say yes, I believe in it.


  2. hudsondmc says:

    I saw Tom Cruise on Oprah yesterday too and my cynicism said “yeah, until the next person comes along.”  so often it seems to be the emphatuation stage that we see in others rather than love.  You can’t get away from 1 Cor. 13 that gives one of the greatest descriptions of what love is.  If we follow that, and I know no one that ALWAYS does, then I guess love could get you through.  I think it usually takes more; it takes mutual comittment, perseverence, putting the needs of others before our own.  a lot of that needs to be in place before marriage even happens.  Henry and I have been married over 27 years.  What gets me through is him.  He really is the best.


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