All I have to do is seek after you…

To know you in your righteousness

To need you in my weaknesses

To glorify you in my experiences…

And all needed things will be added unto me,
Undeservingly and irrevocably.

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    Okay, I love the religious poetry but when is there going to be a poetic entry about Kathy! Think about it…and in the mean time…stop looking so hot! It hurts the people around you. Everyone thinks my tan is coming from the sun, but no…it is a mere result of having a hot friend like you.


  2. I wont see you until FMI ?!?! Thats feels like a long time away, but I know it’s not. I saw Tom Cruise yesterday on Oprah too….( I watch Oprah everyday)
    Oh and that is one awesome looking swan…or goose, whatever that animal is with you and Andrea. Nice.
    Have a great rest of the day Kim


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