I went home, shortly after I wrote that lovely entry below, with a bad migraine.  This concerned me because its the third one in a week.  So, I headed home, slept for a few hours with an ice pack and then a heating pad, and felt better later on. 

I do need to interject a big THANKS to my friends who have voiced their concerns as they have seen patterns in my moments of not feeling well.  These friends would be Kelly, Heather and Kristen!  
                   THANKS THANK AND THANKS AGAIN! 

Just a little bit ago I went with Kristen to her chiropractor just to talk to him. She already told him about my migraines and my consistent neck and shoulder pains I have when I wake up in the A.M….so he just wanted to hear a little more from me.  I’ve made an appointment for Friday to get x-rays and a consultation.  And we’ll go from there.  I probably didn’t need to write all that, but for my friends, I wanted you to know I’m working on making myself healthy!

Just a side note and then I’m off to work on some stuff…I sadly watched the ridiculous new Kevin and Brittany show last night.  All I’ve heard are bad reviews…mostly for the lack of good camera work and depth in conversation….but my bad review is for the lack of morals that she has claimed she had in the past.  People:  it seems that Kevin and Brittany met maybe 2 weeks before she went to London.  She decides to invite this guy she met at a club to come on tour with her (because he’s “cute”) and, within the first 2 DAYS he’s in London, they’ve had sex (“I can’t believe I had sex three times today!” Brittany says.).  So, I’ve decided I made a very bad viewing choice and added to ratings they sure do not deserve.  I honestly finished watching the show praying for them.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    amen , the show was horrible….. I felt like my brain cells were fading way to nothing as I was watching it


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