So, I don’t have much to write.  Kinda having a down day…started out all jazzed, listening to Bethany Dillon’s motivating lyrics, but I finished up a few things I had to do this morning and then realized I had nothing else to do.  I tried calling Kathy up in Tally, but the receptionist lady cut me off when she was transferring me to Kathy’s voice mail. I needed encouragement…maybe tomorrow.

I’m so excited with what God is doing….just earlier Jason Tedford told me about some peculiar things happening in Ybor (he’s a bouncer at one of the clubs), but I’ve realized since I was at TYWC 2 weeks ago, I’m really not doing my job. My job description is to evangelize and reach out to the local community.  Yes, with this project, we will be majorly reaching out to the community once we are open in Ybor.  But, as the planning (and a lot of waiting) continues, there’s not much evangelizing taking place.  There a number of reasons, most seem logical, but are also filled with fear.  Basically, I’m a 25 year old female wanting to evangelize Ybor City: party district of Tampa Bay!  When it comes back to this job and my role, I am overwhelmed cause I am going it alone.  

I know God is behind me (and in front, beside and in me) in all this!  I am just going through this patch of my journey wondering how do I evangelize an entire city, who’s coming along side of me, who’s willing to step out in faith with me, am I cut out for this part of my quest/dream/passion for the young adults in Tampa, what can I, myself alone and vulnerable, do right now to actually evangelize in Ybor?

That’s where I’m at today…if you have any advice or ideas, oh man…do it up! But do know that the fire is still burning inside…I just need to figure out what God needs me to do right now in ybor….not just 6 months or a year from now!

Peace for your day… 

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    Remember your reference to Moses?  Same thing applies here.  When Moses couldn’t do it all God told him how to utilize others.  He will do it but it’s always in his time which is the most frustrating for us.  I’m uncomfortable with you thinking that YOU are evangelizing.  You’re an instrument only.  God’s spirit will work through you but it’s not intended for you to feel that burden.  Wait, till you know you hear his direction.  I’m trusting he will inspire others to come alongside you for this task.  He will do for you what he did for Moses and all of us.  Some will physically be with you, others are with you in prayer.  We plant but the harvest is his.


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