I love that picture…brings back good memories of my most favorite vacation!

Some odd and random things I’ve pondered today so far….
~ I completely understand what Chris Welch is talking about on his entry today.
~ Can you imagine if the person who first used the initials “LOL” would have trademarked it?  They’d be so flippin’ rich!
~ Why is it considered strange when males give advice on hair products? I think its helpful and fun!
~ When are neon colors gonna be back in style?

Oh yea, (not saying any of you never believed me) if any of you didn’t think I actually met Mr, Groban…I have real proof now!  I just happen to stop by Heather’s place last night and we were watchin’ some old school videos on MTV.com.  I went over to Josh’s site and looked at some video highlights from this last tour.  Oh heck yea, Tampa…St. Pete Times Forum, standing outside the buses, there I am in full view next to Josh!!!!   Yea we were freakin when we saw that!  Just a happy little moment in Kim’s life!  It does live on……..(I know you’re thinking I’m a dork right now, but I can deal with that. That’s why you love me)

More later….maybe.  If not, come watch Gospel Arts perform on Sunday a.m. AND we have our last Corps Cadets!  YIPPEE!

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