Okay, so I literally JUST got this forward from Major Mikles from the Schillings….CHECK THIS OUT!!!!


Dear Rick,

We look forward to having that cup of coffee with you and are open to

learning more of what your plans are.

Tom & Linda Schilling

Okay, to many of you this may seem pointless or not so big a deal!  Oh but it is….this means they are wanting to hear more details….they are inclined to listen to more of what we have to say.  Pray Pray Pray that we can meet with them early next week….who knows what can happen even within the next week!  Oh man Oh man!  The mind whirls and spins at this moment!

Peace and calm…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. PhatgurlNana says:

    Hey kim
    Whaz up gurl! how r things going w/ u well da church bus is herre so ill write u later luv ya!!! Always Na-Na


  2. JenMusic says:

    Awesome. 🙂 BTW, I find it is hilarious that you keep referring to JG as “Josh.” So glad you’re on a first name basis!
    Forget neon colors. What the world needs is the return of hypercolor!


  3. Isaiah40Z31 says:

    Sounds like God is really doing a lot for the coffee shop/club. I have limited internet right now, but when I feel like my life is a little more balanced I will try and update and comment more often…God Bless!


  4. Thanks Kim for the comment! Keep us updated on how the meeting goes!


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