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Grocery experience: wow, I felt like I was shopping for a family of four…but that’s because I wait until the last possible moment to buy groceries.  I spent more than I allotted myself, but it actually worked out okay in the end.  That was completely a God thing!  Thank You!

I will confess that I have been watching this season of The Bachelor (yes, you can throw stones, but do note you probably watch a show or two that other people would scoff at also ).  Last night’s was good!  He met the parents…I like this Charlie guy and its the first season that has had any thread of reality cause he has been allowed free reign on a lot of aspects of the show.  Anyhoo.,..I hope he picks little Sarah (for those who know who I’m talking about!).

—————————————getting into serious mode for a sec—

If any of you notice that picture of Jesus, its really cool, right? Well, if you don’t know about it and the artist, Scott Blake, he created this with barcodes(below each barcode there is a word from the book of Revelation) to represent commodities and the nature of today’s consumer society. 

Commodity:  1 : an economic good; a mass-produced unspecialized product 2 : one that is subject to ready exchange or exploitation within a market

I think it is interesting to think of Christ in this way because I do see many in our society using Christ as a commodity…like how Hollywood went crazy with the “Jesus is my Homeboy” shirts.  Christ gets belittled to a product that is sold at the best offer….when is all this going too far?

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    this may not be a popular statement but yes, even political parties have been using Jesus and well-thought of people in Christendom have been doing the same.  Yes, I know I have a board in my eye as I’m pointing out anothers speck but this whole Republican=Christian thing really bothered me the last election.  Kim, obstacles are scary but so necessary to remind us about who is our strength and to allow all of those wonderful God things to happen.  You are being refined.


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