I never liked obstacle courses when I was little.  As I’ve written before, I liked the shuttle run; the erasers were in full view and were only a short distance away.  A clear goal….not a course of surprising jumps, turns and dark tunnels.

I’m in the middle of an obstacle…I don’t know how to get out of it (in my lack of confidence and in my lack of knowledge on conducting business). I hate growing up sometimes…if I was little, I could do the normal thing for me…get myself so worked up over my fear of the unknown (in my chiild-like innocence) and have a crying fit until I got out of having to do the dumb obstacle course. Yea, definitely can’t happen now….all I can do is…

Oh Lord, please please reveal to me if this obstacle is needed or if its just something that I constantly put in the way! Be my strength when I don’t have any and feel like curling up and having a crying fit. Keep me in full sight and help my to do the same for you. What do you prefer in all this?  Where do I go from here? Who should speak up? Who should take the ball and start running with it? Oh Lord, give us favor in every aspect of this project because I know this is such a God thing…its seaping out of the pours of everything we encounter…even the obstacles.  Reveal yourself…by my strength…take me out of the equation! Amen.

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