Hey Hey….It’s Friday!

I’m exhausted today – again – from my late night reading escapades!  Geez, why can’t I learn to do my devotions and reading in the a.m.?  Oh well….yesterday was a good day.  I guess it will definitely be a personal day cause I had to get my hair appt. at 11:45 a.m. in Pasco, which basically meant my whole at work day was shot. But I did get to chill with my mom and that was fun!  Funny that, honestly, we got the same hair cut.  LOL

ANYHOO…its been a great few days of really interacting with friends and fellow ministry-minded leaders (its weird to call myself a leader, but I guess I am…wow…).  Lacey and I went out to eat on Wed. night…dear Lord, we were there for almost 4 hours! But of course, those that know us, know we can talk anyone’s ears off!    It was great…to really sit down and talk about non-sense stuff along with the things that we’re dealing with and sorting through in life.  Good times!  Like I said Lacey, now I owe YOU a meal!  Tell me when!

Another cool interaction was with my hair stylist, Heather.  When she told me her daughter is graduating from high school in May, it made realize how long I’ve been going to her….5 years!  What a relationship you build when all you have to do is talk and she listens!  Its cool that even my hair stylist knows what’s going on here in Ybor and is really backing me! Good stuff!

Today has already been a blessing too.  I came over to the warehouse (since I wasn’t able to yesterday) and found Bill in a meeting with Vince Pardo.  He is the top guy in city government here in Ybor!  I got sit in for the tail end and it was amazing just to see God working in their conversation.  Vince is not a believer, but who knows what can happen with the contact with us and us moving into his neighborhood!  Praise God for these interactions!  What I’m going through in my day to day life right now is unexplainable unless you are right beside me throughout!  Its a ride and I pray that God allows me favor to stay on and stick it through to the end!

Have a really good weekend!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey girl. amazing. absolutely amazing. both the warehouse stuff, and the fact that your mom and you both got the same do. hope you’re doing well. just wanted to pop in your little corner of cyber space and send my love through the infinite wonders of the web. much love. hopefully we’ll see each other soon… coming to family conference? marty


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