Okay people…lol…bohemian, artsy, edgy, cool aspect of my amazing and thought-provoking question  is actual wording (with the exception of “cool”) from the government’s Ybor City Vision Plan they have worked up and presented to the community this month.

The reason I added that part in was because we will be able to receive grants from the government to make the exterior of our building look more consistent with the culture of Ybor…to me, it would seem, we should bring some of that same cultural feel into the coffee house….maybe not to an extreme, but make the place unique (because we already are in our mission and focus) yet inviting and fitting to what people expect in Ybor.

Please keep on answering my question…lovin the input!!!!  It really is helping.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m really glad we went out to dinner the other night. I really needed to get out of being mopey that day and it was so nice. I can’t believe we talked for THAT long! You helped put a new perspective on my current situation too, which caused me to deal with it and it will work out. Thank you Kim.


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